Protecting Minnesota’s Economy

“Now I have the possibly old-fashioned theory that when you have problems to solve, when you have objectives to achieve, you cannot get very far by just talking about them.” 
– Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Jobs bring dignity to families. Swanson has written extensively on the need to strengthen the economy and grow high-paying jobs.

  • Attorney General Swanson received statewide recognition for shining a spotlight on the efforts of an out-of-state company to take over the University of Minnesota-Hospital, which would have cost Minnesota thousands of jobs and billions of dollars in lost charitable revenue.  After she called public hearings to scrutinize the acquisition, the transaction was dropped, helping to ensure that the University of Minnesota Medical Center and the related 40,000 private sector technology jobs continue to incubate jobs in Minnesota.
  • She received national praise from business leaders for being one of the first government officials in the country to crack down on patent-trolling, a practice which bleeds over $20 billion from the economy and squanders job-producing assets on time-consuming and expensive litigation.
  • She mediated disagreements between health insurance companies and rural critical access hospitals, which are often the largest employer in a community.
  • When Blue Cross Blue Shield and Children’s Hospitals couldn’t agree on a contract, she brought the two CEOs together to facilitate a resolution to bring peace of mind to 60,000 Minnesota families. 

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