Lori’s Record

Lori’s record is one of leadership in times of challenge.

Lori was named one of the “Top Ten Lawyers in America” by the national publication Lawyers USA. The national publication HealthLeaders named Lori as one of the top 20 Americans making a difference in health care. Lori received the Robert Drinan “Champion of Justice” award for her work to reform the credit arbitration industry. She received the Pro Patria award for her work on behalf of military personnel. And the Drum Major Institute of New York, an organization inspired by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., designated Lori’s predatory mortgage lending legislation as one of the top ten policies in America.

As Attorney General, Lori is the state’s chief legal officer. She represents the people of Minnesota and the State of Minnesota. Lori has helped to level the playing field on behalf of ordinary Minnesotans—the vast majority of folks who don’t have high-priced lawyers or lobbyists looking after their interests.

Lori helps regular people, even when it means taking on powerful interests:

  • Lori cracked down on adoption agencies that tricked young couples with phony promises and excessive fees.
  • She went to bat for students who paid thousands of dollars in tuition to for-profit colleges based on false accreditation promises and to stop loan officers who offered undisclosed incentives to college personnel for the referral of students to their company.
  • She kicked debt collection agents out of hospital emergency rooms.
  • She saved families millions of dollars in utilities bills by opposing price hikes in home heating costs and stopping unfair pricing schemes.
  • Her industry-wide agreement stopped hospitals from charging uninsured patients up to four times more for the same services than insurance companies pay. (Minnesota is the only state with this agreement.)
  • She drafted legislation to curb cyber bullying of kids, to crack down on domestic abusers, to give prosecutors stronger tools to go after sexual exploitation and synthetic drugs, and for stronger background checks on guardians who care for our elderly.
  • She stopped hospitals and online payday lenders from charging usurious interest rates to patients.
  • She shut down companies that tricked cash-strapped families into buying bogus health discount plans that wouldn’t cover people’s illness when they got sick.
  • She tackled collection companies that badgered families with manufactured “evidence” of money they didn’t owe.
  • She stood up for senior citizens in lawsuits against trust mills, insurance companies, security alarm companies, and other companies that ripped them off.
  • She turned the heat on propane companies that misrepresented prices and fees, securing refunds for families who heat their homes with propane gas.
  • She secured reforms with phone companies over deceptive contract extensions and “crammed” charges.
  • Lori shut down the nation’s largest consumer arbitration company for hiding its financial ties to the country’s largest collection law firm.

Lori Swanson. Results. That Touch Lives.