Championing Our Senior Citizens

“Aging is not lost youth but a new stage of opportunity and strength.”
– Betty Friedan

Attorney General Swanson has been a tireless champion for our seniors. 

  • Through a series of complex lawsuits and settlements with five different insurance companies, Attorney General Swanson obtained industry-wide reforms and hundreds of millions of dollars in refund offers for senior citizens who were sold inappropriate investments by life insurance companies.  Dateline heralded Lori’s success

When Swanson later testified against these practices in the United States Congress, there were over 50 insurance lobbyists in the gallery—but no room for consumer representatives. This happens way too much in Washington D.C.  Unfortunately, the overflow of the swamp is beginning to seep into the State Capitol in St. Paul too.

  • Swanson sued or obtained settlements in over 100 pharmaceutical cases, recovering nearly $100 million for taxpayers and patients. 
  • Swanson filed major lawsuits against generic drug companies for conspiring to fix the prices of medications to treat common ailments like high blood pressure, asthma, arthritis, diabetes, and glaucoma.
  • She proposed that the Minnesota Legislature allow patients to tap into the state’s purchasing power to obtain discounts of 50-80 percent on their medications—something done in the states of Oregon and Washington.
  • She shut down living trust mills that tricked elderly individuals looking for financial peace of mind into paying thousands of dollars for unnecessary or improperly-prepared estate plans.
  • After companies robbed senior citizens of their life savings with phony coin sales, Attorney General Swanson convinced the Minnesota Legislature to enact legislation to ban these practices.  One newspaper noted that lawmakers had ample evidence that action is needed due to “aggressive lawsuits filed by Swanson against unsavory operators.”
  • Swanson persuaded the legislature to strengthen the frequency and intensity of background checks for court-appointed guardians and conservators.
  • She drafted legislation to expand the protections available to senior citizens who purchase reverse mortgages.
  • Swanson teamed up with AARP to fight the deregulation of landline telephone service.           
  • She repeatedly took to task firms that committed financial fraud against the elderly by deceptively selling financial products, security alarms, magazines, car warranties, and bogus health plans.

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