Lori has led a distinguished career that reflects pride in Minnesota. No political bombast—just lots of results.

Lori represented her fellow Minnesotans as a state public official for nearly 20 years. She was elected Attorney General in 2006 and twice reelected by large margins. She made history by becoming the state’s first female Attorney General in 2006. Before that, Lori served as Solicitor General of the State of Minnesota for four years. Prior to that, she was appointed at age 32 to the position of Deputy Attorney General, one of the youngest people to hold the position. She has a proven record as a skilled negotiator who knows how to bring people together to get results.

Lori has spent her time in office doing right for people. She has earned national recognition for her work on behalf of the public, protecting senior citizens, consumers, patients, the public, and our natural resources. She was named one of 20 Americans who is making a difference in health care by Health Leaders magazine, and the National Consumer Law Center gave her the “Champion of Justice” award for her consumer protection work. Among other things, Attorney General Swanson recovered about $100 million for the public from about 100 pharmaceutical company rip-offs; recovered nearly $1 billion from a company that polluted the drinking water with chemicals that can be toxic to pregnant women and babies and is devoting the money to cleaning up the drinking water; threw a Wall Street-owned corporation out of Minnesota for hounding patients for money while they were suffering medical emergencies in the hospital; shut down a for-profit college that deceived students with questionable degrees; and stopped the country’s largest arbitration empire from running a rigged arbitration system that stacked the deck in favor of big banks.

Before entering public service, Lori was an attorney in private practice, where she represented patients who were denied coverage for lifesaving treatment by their health insurance companies. She represented women throughout the country and never lost one of these cases.

Lori Swanson was Attorney General of Minnesota from 2007 to 2019.